The tooth supporting structure

This is what we call all the procedures related to the treatment or repair of the disease of the supporting structure of the tooth (periodontium). The most common and least demanding procedure is removing dental plaque.

Periodontics is a branch of dental medicine that deals with the prevention, diagnosis and therapy of the periodontal diseases. The most common periodontal diseases are gingivitis and periodontitis (picture above).

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In our practice we offer prevention services, diagnostics (classical examination, teeth imaging, indexes, additional tests) and therapy consisting of ultrasonic removal of deposits and plaque, chemical control of chlorhexidine-based preparations, laser therapy for soft tissue in the form of cleansing pockets and biostimulation.

For thorough cleaning of subgingival and supragingival calculus, we use the latest generation of dental sanders. In addition to calculus, the sanders are highly effective in removing bacterial deposits (brown tartar on the tooth neck) and nicotine stains.

In addition to classical methods, we use lasers to treat soft tissues and periodontitis. Lasers in dental medicine are increasingly used in last few years. There are lasers for soft tissue (gums) and hard tissues (tooth and bone). The advantages of laser are multiple, especially less pain, less bleeding, precision, minimal trauma, shorter treatment, faster recovery…

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