From extraction to surgical procedure

Oral surgery is a branch of dental medicine that deals with the treatment of such conditions that require oral surgery methods, which refers to situations from the simplest tooth extraction up to the sinus lift in implantology.

In addition to all classical oral surgery procedures, such as classical teeth extraction, extraction of residual dental roots, classical molar (“wisdom teeth”) extraction, alveotomy (surgical teeth removal) and apicoectomy (removal of a tooth’s root tip), the latest method we use in our clinic is PRF.

Platelet Rich Fibrin is a new method of using patient’s own blood products for a better, more intense and quicker healing of soft (gums) and hard tissue (bone).

Today, this method is used in oral surgery after tooth extraction, as a preparation before placing an implant, to obtain natural bones, used for dental tissue alteration. The PRF method is increasingly used in aesthetic dentistry in face treatments.

The procedure is very simple: we begin by taking the patient’s blood which is then stored in the tubes to be centrifuged in the device. The resulting products are used depending on the procedure we’re doing and what we want to accomplish. The results of this method are immensely better and more successful comparing to the other methods, so both the therapist and the patient get the best possible outcome and satisfaction with the results.

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