Let's save the root of the tooth

Our primary goal is to save the root of the tooth so that in case of loss of crown of the tooth due to caries or trauma, it can be used as a carrier for tooth upgrades, and therefore crowns. For this purpose, we use endodontic equipment specifically special titanium drill bits which enable us better root canal treatment, especially for molar canals which are curved and difficult to access.

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Endodontics is a branch of dental medicine that includes prevention, diagnosis and treatment of dental pulp or tooth nerve disease.

In our practice, we offer complete endodontics services, from prevention and modern diagnostics (classical examination, tooth extraction, additional testing) to therapy – root nerve removal, root canal length determination using endometric meter (el. device), mechanical cleaning with endodontic machine, chemical cleaning and filling of root canals.

When the therapy is finished, appropriate tooth restoration is performed basing on the remaining amount of dental tissue – in the form of fillings, upgrades or crowns.

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