Trust is most important

Pediatric dentistry is a branch of dental medicine dedicated to our little patients. It includes taking care of both deciduous(milk teeth) and permanent children’s teeth.

Our patient doctors Dubravka Greblo (and now Dr. Luka Mirković) and Tatjana Živković have an individual approach for each of our little patients and their parents from their first visit to our practice. It is necessary to familiarize the child with the practice and the personnel, adapting the child for the planned treatment through play. It is very important that the child and parents have confidence in our team.

If the child is very young, parents are taught about proper hygiene, nutrition and the importance of dental health care. An older child is gradually prepared to work with the therapist he has previously gained trust in. Parents and children are continually educated about the importance of the care for both milk and permanent teeth.

In our clinic, all children, as means of stimulation for further collaboration, get a deserved “Commendation for Courage” with instructions about oral hygiene, and those who are the bravest and most patient get their own toothbrush, tasty toothpaste, coloring book or “dental kit”.

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